STAR Notebooks

This is a very important part of my teaching because it is a means of communicating with you!  As you may have noticed, STAR is an acronym for Students Taking Academic Responsibility.  Your child is required to take this notebook home every afternoon and is also responsible for bringing it back to school in the mornings.  It is not your responsibility as a parent to bring the notebook back and forth; it is the student’s responsibility (remember we are trying to instill independency and responsibility in our children).  I will be checking the contents of the notebook each morning.  

Here is how it is organized: 

v      Parent/Teacher Communication: Located in the front pocket of the notebook, any item that I need to send directly to you will placed here (if not written directly in the Home/School Notebook).  Any note that you write may be placed here also.

v      Cover Page and Agenda:  This tells you what we will be doing on a daily basis in case you want to come visit or need to check your child out early.  (Please remember the schedule may change due to special occasions taking place within the school.)

v      Lunch and Field Trip Money: This is the blue pencil pouch in the front of the notebook.  Please place any lunch money, field trip money, donation money, and/or fundraiser money. 

v      Newsletters and Calendars:  Next, you will find monthly newsletters updating you as to what we are working on in class each month.  There is also a calendar for the school year so you can keep it as a reference throughout the school year. 

v      Important Papers from School:  Here you will find any papers sent directly to you through the school. 

v      Work to Keep at Home:  This is work that has been completed at school and can be kept at home.  Any tests and papers that have been graded will also be placed here. 

v      Home/School Notebook:  This is a very important part of the Star Notebook.  Here is where you will find your child’s daily behavior grade.  I may also write daily notes or reminders for the next day in the Home/School notebook.  Please make sure you check the behavior grade and sign this part of the notebook every night!

v      Homework:  Located in the back pocket of the notebook, all homework will be placed here.  It is sent home on the first day of the week and needs to be completed and sent back on the last school day of the week. 

Again, the STAR notebook is great way to keep us both organized and encourages communication, as well as encouraging responsibility in the students. I have supplied all of the items in the STAR notebook at the beginning of this school year.  If any items are lost and damaged during the school year, it will be the responsibility of the family to replace those items.